Don’t get so angry that you destroy relationship by not addressing your rage today.

The Bible doesn’t tell us that we shouldn’t get angry, it simply tells us not to let anger control us in such a manner that we hurt other and/or destroy relationships. We need to manage our anger. Jesus got angry that He flipped over the tables of the money changers and those who sold doves (Matthew 21:12). Anger is apart of our human nature as Jesus clearly demonstrated, yet we must learn to manage it.

When I get angry, I remember, first be slow to speak. I quickly assess the situation and attempt to see it from various perspectives so that I have a full understanding of why; why I am angry and why did this person do or say what they did to make me angry? After, my assessment I turn to God in prayer, asking HIm to strengthen me in the moment and to show me His heart for the person I am angry with. Then, I can speak my mind in a way that vents my emotions, yet in a way that will not destroy a relationship.

Don’t try to bottle up your anger. It will begin to boil over inside you and manifest itself in many ways that are not your typical nature. You will unintentionally explode on others while not addressing the root cause of your anger. And, in the process of not addressing the anger, you will become bitter and that bitterness will begin eating you alive from the inside out. So, deal with your anger immediately, use the suggestions above and address the anger in such a way that it builds up your relationship rather than tearing it down. If we nurse our rage it will only give the devil an opportunity to divide us.

If you are angry with someone right now, make an effort to resolve your differences today. Don’t let the day end before you begin work on mending your relationship.

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